my rec of Chopin/Michalowski Impromptu

Here’s my rough working of this thing - I liked the piece so much I couldnt help working on it a little more than I work on other things.

Enjoy, and comment!

hahah rezpec fo tiz zpeedy learnin

pozz work on da coherence ov phrazing though

lol i duno why, but after that recording i cant get past the third bar. something’s gone wrong and it’ll take quite some time to fix <_<

hahahaha thiz zeemz pretty fuckin legendary 8) :stop:

pluz rezpectabl learnin :stop: alzo

tha only Zauter upright 88z ive evah playd were really gud iizc 8)


I’ll listen. But iz diz da sheets I sent u? 8)

yes they are. thanks a lot :wink:

@Rob: my piano’s 7 or so years old already, and its stll working perfectly fine. only i keep wearing out the pedals, had to get them replaced thrice so far <_<