my utube debut

since this is pretty much the only vid i got of me playing, i made an account and added it to youtube. it was the vid that got me “into da sdc” when it was founded and looking for members and stuff. classic whatever.

czerny, wtf…

play some chopets u mofo

good playing nonetheless

man, that was just superb. the articulation and lightness of your passages, and the climax at the end with the left hand octaves is VERY exciting.

you are a true virtuoso.

please record more videos,


ahahahahahah tru thiz iz an enjoyabl n wikid sheeyat

REZPEC :lib:

Haha I should’ve mentioned this was Czerny 8) . This is from 3 years ago, I hardly cared about piano and I didn’t even know what chopets were so… It’s pretty much the only video I have of me playing.

Haha respec for actually liking this :smiley:

make a vid of a chopet, plz

u actually made da CZERN zound rezpecable

respec 8)

Hahahah DANG! While u iz takin requeztz, tha c# minah fugue would be more than a bit awesome. 8)

possibly fugue from da d major toccata

I did the c# fugue for my exam, I’m quite sick of practicing it but I could just read it off the sheetmusic shittilly if you want me to 8)

started the d major fugue about 5 days ago, it’s gonna take a while :wink:

and i never said i was taking requests, but i’m randomly praxing or have praxed exactly those.

hahaha harzhly related to da comme 25/12 :comme: