my whale encounter

So I had just turned pages for a friends exam and we went for drinks afterwards with a couple of other people I didn’t know. We were talking about page turning when I said have you seen the Berezovsky vid (with the incompetent page turner)? It suddenly turned awkward and everyone looked at me…I was sitting next to his daughter!
Good thing the story was harmless…Apparently someone had gone off on a massive rant about how he ‘does what he fucken wants’ in front of her without knowing who she was. :whale:

did u put a roofie in her drink?

:tm: ztyle

hahah da classic MART vid :dong:

I felt really sorry for the page turner, although da whale just took it in his stride. It’s pretty funny though.

ahahah da trumofo layin down a piece of pwnage 8)

hahaha da trumofo

Isnt it risky to ditch meetings with your parole officer?



ahahaha daim da jake outclazzed by da trumofo in random verbal dizcourze, harzhly 8)

I admit, it wasn’t bad. :dong:

haha wikid

wuts his daughter lyk 8)

hiz daughter ztudiez at my zchool and doez pretty dam well

tho i went to her concerto exam and her chopin no1 was pretty sheeyat lol

Ha! My Whalette story. I had completely forgotten about it.

Interesting to see da TM has been self-sabotaging for 5 years+.

Randomly, page turning is not fun. Unless the score is just straight though or you get a rehearsal.

Haha mannn, I wish I did not meet ma ex after my sheeyat world speed record prok 3 perf on 2 pianos, in da Feb of 2015.

Worst mistake of my life to:

  1. Invite her to dat shit
  2. Chill with her after
  3. Start seeing her every day starting from da following week.

I also hit on my prok 3 accompanist (she was 30 at the time) and that was probably why she rushed the tempi like crazy. Dazepp has a boot somewhere :sunglasses:

I randomly am lucky to be single now, while one does get lonely - there is an incredible peace of mind which comes from knowing dat ma 3 year relationship wiz dat cunt is a secret dat I will take to ma grave. Along wiz da complete pimpets n da stuffed cow she gave moi before ma clitcomp 2017 selection



haha man, dun no how it can be a secret when everymofo knows about it. :tm:



tiz vil give u GUD LUCK fo zhor :sunglasses:


+1! I recorded a Bach organ series here in S a few years ago, where the page turner (a pupil of the organist) went on strike after the 4th concert or something like that after which I had to step in and do the work instead. I did manage without incidents, but page turning Bach you’ve never heard before and where everything looks freakin identical page after page - I often couldn’t follow in the score the way you normally do but had to count bars to know when to turn.

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Hahaha tiz a gud luck cow, n dere is also a MINI cow dat I haff…

Ma ex has da exact same pair. Also she kept one of my t-shirts and probably uses it fo voodoo sheeyat, so burning da good luck cow won’t do sheeyat.

No, datz one of da few mementos I haff from her (having deleted every last pic of us together, Stalin style)

I keep da cow.
I can’t throw dat sheeyat out.

Perhaps you should award “Da Cow” as an official SDC nickname for an appropriate pianist?

ahahahah fuckkkkk

zhe pozz bought her ztock-gamblin FATHAH da zame cow in da hopez of inzpirin

a COW MARKET :sunglasses:

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