Mystery Pianist Sunday

Sure dude I can do that


Damn, yo profile pic a bit freaky

Yeah dude you should see that film, Possession by Zulawski. She’s super hot in that film – and crazy :slight_smile:

Thanks Tony for this LP!

Btw. I’m not quite familiar - what exactly happned to Tamarkina?

She died of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I read it was diagnosed as far back as 1944.

I guess that Vista Vera discs and this LP is all what exist of her?

There’s Chopin’s etude op. 25/2 which I put on YT, and someone else uploaded a mazurka. I think there are 2 or 3 other small pieces but I don’t recall. I’ll look around as I don’t have a written record of any of this. There’s not much organised public info (as usual from the Russians).

Oh there are a few early recordings from 1935 too (when she was 15). I uploaded two (Liszt) to YT as well.

Thanks from me too!
Have you heard anything about where these non-VV recordings come from? I was aware of the Scherzo, which is from M10 45903, but recordings dating back to the 30s with her is certainly news to me. Early CCCPs or Melodiyas surely, but which?

I’ve put them on YT already

Awesome! Do you still have the original files for these as well?

No but you can download them straight from there by clicking the down arrow under the photo.


This is incredible playing from a 15 year old. Amazing to finally hear what Backhaus & Co were talking about.

If the audio file / bar doesn’t show up, click on another photo (different record) and it should.

Yeah Rosa is the best. What did Backhaus say about her?

oh you mean comments from the Chopin comp?

Yes, I remember he was in the jury and was quite taken by her