Mystery Pianist Sunday

I got my hands on what seems to be a rare live recording. Any opinions on the playing?

Lots of nerves & temperament/fury, sometimes at the expense of precision & clarity. When performing live, it’s so damn difficult to find a good balance!
From 4:36 really beautiful.

well said my man. I’m a fan of the fury. And you are a fan of this pianist too. Damn I don’t know why this wasn’t transferred from da rare LP. WTF.

I think I’ll flog this quiz on the YT public.

But Rozh died yesterday, not the most sensitive time to do it.

But I always got the feeling he made his wife very unhappy. Something about his stifling school-master way.

Probably shouldn’t guess from a distance.

Fuck, I’m not very good in these guessing games…no bells ringing yet.
Stanislav Neuhaus?

Honestly the ID isn’t so important (and I’m not good at this either). I was more curious about opinions of the performance, because I had a few reservations about the precision but then I remembered, ‘Oh yeah, maybe that’s why’.

It’s a lady pianist.

It sound like wild Argerich :slight_smile:
Rosa Tamarkina?
I guess someone from the Chopin competition.
Great perfromance. I would like to hear on some places more breathing and some parts are really wild, but second part is very beautiful and coda is amazing - it grows slowly, step by step. Very intuitive but clever performance.
(Sound reminds me on Bachauer)

If you’re mentioning Rozh, maybe Postinikova?

I like it, beginning a little less in your face than you hear and the coda had lots of passion. This an ignumov pupil?

I would guess this too. I have a few early Postnikova Chopin recs and they’re of similar intensity.

Kreso dropping the BOMB. Well done dude. It’s the wild and unforgettable Rosa Tamarkina.

I mentioned Postnikova just because she always looks so unbearably unhappy.

Yeah for postgraduate work. It’s funny to think she studied with him 6-8 years after her success at the Chopin comp.

She’s also another Russian pianist born in Ukraine.

I like these quizzes, although I always get them wrong!

oh no you didn’t you got the Igumnov line down.

I enjoy sharing these too but now try to reserve them for new material that’s also quite distinctive. I thought this fitted the bill.

As much as I like your live rec of Tamarkina, I think this one is superior (it has all the fury but also more control):

Yeah man that’s probably why Vista Vera chose it instead of the untransferred LP one that I’m going to upload today.

I’ll still take the live rec though, it’s cool to hear her in action. The other recs from the LP were included by Vista Vera (Rach 2 & Schubert-Liszt).

Yeah it’s great you discover and share it!
There must be more live stuff somewhere, in Polish archives perhaps? Fuck, she was only 17 when she got second prize! :chop:

So cool, I adore Tamarkina!

So, is this from Chopin comeptition?

Btw. I love those quizzes too :slight_smile:

Same here. I’m the worst at these.
Last year, I even found a quiz that I had made in like 2007 and I legit couldn’t work out who some of them were.

It’s from 1948 in Moscow, though the month isn’t listed.

At that time she was already quite ill and made regular trips to sanatoriums. This is how she looked in 1948 and '49 (at the Baltic Sea).

Tony can you put this LP here as well?

Seconded 8)