Nadia Reisenberg's Mozart broadcasts?

Does anyone know about these Mozart concerto broadcasts Reisenberg made in 1939 and 1940? Are they still available from IPAM?

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I’ve been planning on contacting IPAM to buy them. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

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Great! Please let me know if they are still available for purchase from IPAM.

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The Mozart broadcasts have been digitized and transferred to CD-Rs; copies of these recordings are available. Contact The Curator for details.


Well, if they’ll accept PayPal or mastercard, I’ll do it
Not sure I want to send a check or money order to the US.

When I get a few days off, I’ll inquire.

Found the page on their website. Will send them an email.

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If you decide to order them, I’ll pitch in some $$$.

If you don’t, I’ll order them myself in a few weeks.

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Here is a follow-up. I ordered a few discs from the whole collection and they arrive today. Those are plain Maxell CD-Rs with a piece of printed paper which lists the tracks. It seems those CD-Rs are not of very good quality and I had very difficult time trying to rip them in my computer (some are nor rippable and I am trying to contact IPAM and see whether they can replace the discs or send me the digital files). So anyone who is interested in this set needs to be very careful. I am quite disappointed that for such an amount of money they did not even consider use some good quality CD-Rs.

One can pay via Paypal, by the way. There is a shipping fee for non-US address.

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Hmmm how are they not ripable??

Are they at least playable?

I do not have a traditional CD player and I listen to all my CD via my computer system. In that case if something is not rippable it can also not play through. You will hear a lot of jump back and forth and noises as the player cannot read through certain places in the CD-R.

Are you sure it is not just your CD drive?

Could be. Certain CD drive do not recognize CD-Rs well, especially poor quality CD-Rs. I had some bad experiences with those cheap Maxell CD-Rs. But my CD drive itself is pretty good. I have ripped hundreds of discs with it, including many CD-R products from other labels, and seldom I had such issues.

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Keep us updated on your progress getting replacement CDs.

Once I know you’ve got that sorted, I’ll order whichever discs you don’t have, so we’ll have the whole set between us.