Nahre Sol

Da bez 88 m*zik teachah on da tube

Creative gensui n wikid tech

Check her otha vidz

Tru, zhe has sum very interesting vids, also a bit charming tru.

hahahaha im a fan of thiz mofo fo random tube lezzonz

pozz :doc:

tru, I iz watching her vidz fo fun sumtyms.

zhe’s kinda hot


She’s damn good. I rate her.


:canada: :+1:


She’s damn smart, but that was a bit of a mashup I thought. 60 years of musical development all stacked on top of itself, and she’s only covering language, not content. Still, most definitely hats off.


This one was quite interesting

hahaha daim

da Zalezki mofo iz legit. A wikid jazz muzician.

Tru, zounded like let’s cram every penistdick technique we can (I guess was her point) but with no cunzideration of flow. Form over cuntent :tm:
That’s what annoys me about :ho::pimp::SS: Danse macabre, the figurationz don’t jell. I think the :pimp: tranny is better than da original, don’t know why :ho: even messed with it. I await da Brew counter attack (or not).


Ahahahah da NAHRE SOL, zhorly her tru name iz actually:

LAH-RE ZOL :sunglasses:

N tru zhe iz one of da moz wikid n intereztin tube peniztz, if a bit too academik


From da TRU SDC JURY perzpective:

Da inability to unleazh 3’20 - 3’25 wizout cut

Vil harzhly rezult in

:nopazz: :sunglasses:

I think wut zhez tryin to zay iz:

Da PIMP iz all tech n no m*zic :sunglasses:

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Haha dis cuntraverzial anti sdc pov.
I await da zhit ztorm :tmfury:

Any zane mofo wood

It sounds like none of y’all listened to what she said.
TL;DR she thought he was all tech before but now thinks otherwise after having researched him and gone to Weimar etc. She will post more stuff on diz topic later.

Tru da zong wuz moztly incoherent tech, but I think the point is to showcase “typical” Liszt stuff, I think she succeed in that. She did obv not succeed in making a zong dat could have been a long lost pimp zong. However, if I were to blindfoldedly guess da composah, I wood need very few secs to guess da pimp.


Tru n I resent it, as any caricature always emphasizes superficial elements.

Liszt needs no defense, but whatever she did - is a superficial “party-joke”

And I watched da whole vid.

Dat mean zhe zucceeded in provin to u dat

Da PIMP = all tech no m*zik :sunglasses:

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No, it meansz szhe szuckszeeded creating a bag of tricksz that reminded me of the bag da pimp uszesz. It told me nothing about hisz cumposzitional qualiszheeeyat

Hahah which do u think iz her moz zuccezzful happy birthday tranz?