Name this tune

It’s been driving me nuts for hours now! Can’t remember the key, pretty sure it’s piano, maybe concerto…

Sounds pretty weird to me. Cannot say I have heard it before.

It’s SS 3rd Violin Concerto. I played the reduction which is what screwed with my head.

Stop listening to Nazi music. Thanks











Haha da meph 8)
Randomly, there was one SS violin concerto that I liked, can’t remember which one, but it was one of the few sheeyat by da old pedo which I could tolerate.

Probably 3, only one that get’s played.

You don’t like the Egyptian concerto?

I don’t even know what that is.
SS has some good moments but for the most part his pieces don’t do much for me.

5th PC.

Had an interesting convo with Roy Howat about him and Franck. Franck generally has more depth (even though I’m not quite sure how you can measure that) but I do tend to enjoy SS more.

We werre discussing how Franck or one of his circle used to play the Prelude Chorale and Fugue in 13 minutes as opposed to the 18ish it takes nowadays… :comme:

Doesn’t surprise me, everyone plays so slow these days and yet somehow this is according to the “composer’s intent” even when we have recordings of them playing way faster.
Read the comments under Saint-Saens’ recording of Second concerto opening for example.