Naxos: unprofessional much?

Notice anything wrong?

the two p`s in opus?

-The Mephisto

LeS preux…

opp is commonly used if there is more than 1 opus (what’s da fucking english word for that again?)

If you can’t be bothered, it’s opera. But read it anyway.

i know, opera, but plural is what i was looking for :slight_smile:. in it’s abbr. opp is usually used.

but whatever

people here only care about pron anyway

admirably random

I c I got lost in some syntax. Whatever. I hope you read the link, it’s really informative.


naxos alwayz lets me down

hahahaha, wut do u expect, u get wut u pay fo

pay fo a 5 dolla hokka, n expect a few accezoriez, penile

haha cheapness