need all the info i can get about one handed piano music

gonna try and write a small paper about one handed piano music and pieces for 1 hand, 3 or 5 hands. I’ve already got quite some info, but I can use all the stuff I can get. So if any of you got anything interesting about this, gimme some 8)

I guess you are familliar with this link:

If not, that’s a good starting point - I would guess.


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There’s a piece by Ravel for 5 hands - probably already know that, and dat other page should cover all the LH stuff.
Dis might help as well

HAHAHAHA (except with the asian pronunciation) :dong:


i think william bolcom wrote a concerto for 3 hands. not sure about it though.

Tru meph i knew about that one site, I guess it’s probably the best on the net for this stuff.

Well respec everyone for the info, if you happen to get something else, lemme know 8)

Bach-Brahms Chaconne. Just a wikid transcription.

yep definately , i played da bach-brahms and it was one of the best thing i could do for my left hand i guess … :godowsky:

Wittgenstein has this book for the left hand full of little etudes, information and transcriptions of work for the left hand alone. As a study for your left hand. It used to be on gamingforce, and I had it on my old harddrive that I lost. GFF doesn’t seem to work atm, does anyone happen to have a .pdf of this?

right here:


SWEET, thanks man, you just saved me :laughing:

no prob. ill keep fulfilling whatever requests i can, despite the fact that da candain booted me from da elite group.

The wittgenstein has a bunch of textual emendations… dropping notes further into the bass and whatnot

datz rite, da wittgah iz a WIKID book

combine dat book, da chopgodz, n da gensui CAPED RAY book, u iz covahd

in da foreword to da caped ray book he explainz all da unique techz of playin wiz 1 hand, deir benifitz, etc.

what is the caped ray book?


Raymond Lewenthal’s collection Piano Music for One Hand

got scans?

zadly no, but he bazically recummendz playin RH sheeyat wiz da LH n vice verza

helpin da expanzion of da handz neurological intelligence by expozin it to sheeyat compozed fo da otha hand