nerd'z early attemptz to compoze in variouz SD stylez

dese haff been composed in 1999 or earlier

dis one is long and repetitively moving; just like a mofo’s membah
da midi iz quite slowly moving but it works well in any speed

dis one is also just like a mofo’s membah: girthy
me made it slow so all da SD chords can be clearly heard and feared

since da 2 previous ones were quite slow let’s put a fastah one here
me also haff sheetz fo dis one

2 pieces where me prepares mahself to make sd transcriptions on-da-fly (by familiarizing mah earz to da sd harmonies)

den probably mah 2nd or 3rd composition… UFO 8)

hahaha im gonna check deze mofoz out 8)

you iz GOOD MAN
max respec from da rack 8)

hahaha dayum im listenin, da rack iz rite 8)

hahaha, nerd, u iz a great composah!! i listened 2 da 1st 3

dat long 1 isnt dat good (2 repetitive & long), but da heavy one is beast! very bitchin!!!

da fast 1 is cool, but 2 repetitive (sounds liek a fat swede tune kinda)!!!

u iz beast, tho!! u & arque r my fav composahs in da CF-SDC-CM-(penis) community!!!

EDIT: and of course…RESPEC 8)


hahahahaah, da hamburglah sumz it up 8)