Neuhaus Bridge Technique

Any validity to this guy’s teaching? Check this video out and his other videos, if you so desire.

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He wud zwitch placez wiz a female ztudent in ordah to trap her behind da door :sunglasses:

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I really get irked when people profess this sort of stuff without applying it to actual piano playing.


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His tech is pretty good.


Not bad! But I am totally against teaching “tech tricks” like that. I’m familiar with his channel.

I for one wish my teacher showed me “tricks” like that, so I could have had a better understanding of how it feels when doing things correctly instead of wasting years trying to figuring out the hard way via a hundred detours.

Things came naturally to me when I was a kid, but trying to learn a skill like piano as an adult was/is crazy difficult with my overly analytical grown-up brain.



Damn, dudes be teaching random techniques without any musical context.


And putting the Neuhaus name on it :fu:

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