New 1929 Rosenthal broadcast - link

Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 First program of The Edison Hour WJZ, New York February 11, 1929 Broadcast recorded by Edison on experimental 30 rpm discs. Rosenthal recorded the work commercially later that, but note the timing differences - this 10:12 vs the cut 7:44 commercial April 16, 1930 recording.



too bad it is a piece he already recorded. fuck

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I read from RMCR there is some speed issues in this recording? Has it been fixed?

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Yep, it’s somewhere between a quarter- and semi-tone too high, just compare with the recording of a year later:

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Thanks Mikhail - it’s amazing these things still turn up. I’m tied up for another couple of hours here, but will listen after lunch.

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I really don’t understand why people can’t make sure something’s in the right key.

I think it’s only about a quarter to a third of a semitone too high. I’m still perceiving it as clearly in C#, just a touch high and nowhere near D.

Hmm, ok by the cadenza the pitch seems less clear.

Ah, Michael expressed it perfectly under the video (if these are his own words):
“The technical problems — most notably some severe speed fluctuations, and noise from a power tube that “went Democratic” in the words of the Edison engineer — are distracting at times but of relatively small concern considering the rarity of airchecks from this early period of American broadcasting.”

I haven’t listened to it, but if it’s only a quarter of a semitone, it’s fine.

I think it fluctuates…

Most of the way through I was fine with it. Around the cadenza I had a few places where I was having trouble in identifying a clear pitch, which tends to mean (for me) that it’s reached the half semitone discrepancy. I didn’t feel it went beyond that, but I was listening relatively casually.

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Right, it’s quite a discovery though and at times staggering playing, I wonder where da TM digged this up?


Oh. If the source itself is fluctuating it’s probably going to be too hard for most people to fix the pitch. If it’s constantly half a semitone sharp, it’s a quick fix. What I hate is when people transfer things at the wrong pitch.



First program of The Edison Hour
WJZ, New York
Feb. 11, 1929
Broadcast recorded by Edison on experimental 30 rpm discs’s_82nd_Birthday.mp3

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@da_zepp check da Rosenthal full fury slam!

Great find!

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@xsdc @iamcanadian


I fuckin loved it…

Me too

If in a humorous way really. He completely thrashed that piano to splinters!

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But so many elegant moments too…

Oh man.