New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

cancellation of da fatty by GREENPEAZ n da save da whalez posse imminent

Nice knowing you, your roundness…


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Weirdly you can just buy hexane and all this weird shit. Having no laws is kind of cool even tho everybody here is poisoned as fuck.

Pozz :tractor: maintenance sheeyat here



Ho in london. Left in some minor lizard eye on Ponce Charles but I’m otherwise satisfied.

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also this

Wish it was this instead:


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At least Liszt second ballade in first half which he carry vaguely around then. He look pretty tired in this. Like his left eyeball just gonna fall out his head. I wonder if his teeth situation sapped his strength. They look super infected and clearly bothering him.



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Hexane arrived a couple days before other stuff. Spot tested some records. Zero damage to surface and cleans oils very well. Chemistry might not be made up after all.

Gonna be tough to dissolve anything in this because it immediately evaporates. Super volaitile.

Looks like filler particles locked in place are coming out along with the fatty gunk that trapped them. Passed damage tests earlier so def not melting.

Even historical finger print damage buffed out.

Will play after I eat to see what’s up

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Very cool!!!

This is a completely raw drop after cleaning. No rumble or click removal even.

Holy fuck!

Lol, SME blocked it. Probably cuz it pro joo.

Between surface stuff and vibe innovations I think I can finally make some sick shit.

So that’s the ineffable (I thought) quality that makes Sony Music the best recording company!

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I joke but honestly… I’d posted this before with no problems so…

Insanely powerful performance. Gonna clean clicks and rumble and share here in a sec.

Here ye be.

Holy shit I got 47db of dynamic range off a raw transfer with no noise reduction other than click and rumble. That is 10db more than a good one without fatty tech.

47 decibels? I don’t think I have a classical recording with more than a 24-27db range.

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This might be the greatest 78rpm transfer in existence. I’ll do some piano stuff if i have time tonight.

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Isn’t 47db a bit of a pain to listen to? You’d have to turn the volume up to the max to hear the quiet parts, no?

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Naw low volume the run out noise here. Music not stretched by bringing noise floor lower.


Will play it tomorrow when it harden again.