New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

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Basically I’m using the ultrasonic to micronize particles of the super thick lube I need for girthy boundary layer and hold it in suspension. Droplets then get deposited on surface and cavitation spreads them out microscopic style with its amazing powers. I buff and I got just right amound of lube.

Also :peach: :fist_left: with excess.

Getting to 25 nps? :zepp:


The best part of wasting time on this stuff is I learned lubes used in pianos largely archiac and cheap. There is a lube called PFPE which is basically the oil version of the lube tru got for his lens strap-on. That should be used for sure instead of graphite / min oil due to is amazing ability to fix slip-stop and how stable it is. They use it a bunch in aerospace and robotics for more accurate and smooth servo control etc.

I tested Krytox 102 and 104 on records. Gave me more detail but of rough surface too so went back to thicker girth stuff that lift needle of a fair amount of the raped surfaces.

Lubes I’m finding my way through testing:

Krytox 102
Krytox 104
Mineral Oil
Baby Oil ( just light min oil)
Silicone Oil CST .65
Silicone Oil CST 5
Silicone Oil CST 300,000 (using this to damp tonearm)
Lithium Grease (melted shit)
Silicone Grease (hard as fuck to get off)
Motor Oil
3 in 1 oil
Broon Nitride .5
Graphite (too messy and worried I’ll end up in accidental blackface)

This separate from waxes.

Hmmm maybe I should get a job lol

I see you

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Ethically sourced free range


u shud try adrenochrome juz in caze


Would have to barrow some now.

More greasy cortot. Right EQ on this one tho. Didn’t feel like putting an assload of noise reduction on it.

Lubed up horowitz real good to get some more detail out of this always muddy sounding disc.

I fix things enjoy!

24 bit flac

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Maybe a bit too smoothed over. Gonna do a version with less lube and noise reduction. Computers messing with things somehow always sounds of poo. Sorbathane plug back in.

Plugs and lube def preferred. Wait…

Kind of mind blowing how much detail gets rubbed away by even light noise reduction.

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So damping, lube stuff, resurfacing with wax all kind of barely work or have tradeoffs. Taking molds of the records was too unpredictable and also didn’t work.

Thinking about coating these records in microscopic layer of PVA. Got PVA arriving early next week and think I can control concentration and dispersion in my ultrasonic thing pretty well to get a microscopic coating that fills most asperities without being so thick as to F with sonic stuffs.

If none of that works I might have to subscribe to spotitfy.

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I decide to take the boron nitride, disperse it in water with some surfactant, then put it in the ultrasonic cleaner to get any micro clumps blown apart. Painted record and let it dry. Before this I’d been suspending it in oils and greases or caking the records in the stuff. (dramatized below)

This way work way better. Gonna try this with graphite and silica next.

1926 Cortot I didn’t have to rape with noise reduction too much

BN and shitty digital curve correction with no preamp

Graphite transimpedance amp just click and rumble


After spending a few weeks studying lubes decided to try learnings on a real non trash record.

Taking cziffs Op 10

  1. Cleaned with illegal chemicals for anti static and surface tension in the ultrasonic after calculating surface tension to cavitation shits
  2. Buffed with Krytox 102
  3. Updated playback chain so trans preamp output sees 200k on way to adc so it gets every bit of detail
  4. Playing back with every damping tweak I got.
  5. New denon cart that works well with trans amps

Yess my silica, MoS2, and Polyvinyl Alcohol arrived today so I can continue to torture trashed 78s.

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Damped laser whooped even space age lube on regular turntable. This weird pressing actually play (mostly) in laser machine after going through perverse new cleaning regimen. Tho you hear every minor imperfection along with the wikid details.

Too lazy to take out thumps and discontinuity from the pressing. Might if I buy a nicer copy but too much work for now.

Laser beams below in a pretty straight transfer.


Also finished and cleaned up this sheeyat disc after mixing BN, MoS2, Krytox and Silicone on it to see what work best. Still sounds meh after noise reduction but is listenable when I listen on phone speaker and I suppose OK for 1926 stuff.

Here cziff op 25 be without any compression. The commercial transfer crushes his pianissino and flattens his stinging crescendo moves.

Updated after OCD cleaning:

If you stripping stuff, do that make you a stripper?

Depends whether you’re wearing a thong, I think.

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Wrong! It’s 2024 and you could slide down the stripper pole getting $1 bills stuffed in your thong and you could still identify as a respectable lady!

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