New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

I do medtner again without my farty fake bass from olden ways.

Also, I leave the top end raw in prok suggestion but this have tasteful smoothing. Is nice! and same detail pretty much.

Up next, building turntable mats than damp best at the resonant frequencies of the actual discs. :sunglasses:

I finally find spectrum analyzer with ok impulse resolution. Surprisingly, resonant frequency is 162hz with discernable nodes up the frequency band for the 10-inch shellac I tested. Even so the vibes tended to be pretty evenly spread out and not peaky due to smart materials engineers back in the day.

For 12 inch shellac (using maths) fundamental should be around 135 all things equal. So gonna concentrate on damping 100 to 180hz zone.

Ordered some small glass clamps. Gonna see if I can fit them on edge of record to clamp down on a small pad of sorbathane to reduce edge vibes. Likely too tight a squeeze but worth a shot.

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Moved to a more appropriate thread…

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Good call

I do greatest version of this using new witchcraft and sorcery. Youtube really shittified it, but still watchable.

Is it just me or does he have an INANELY big ear hole?

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:poon: of the ears


Woh… my typo fits sentence too. Watching this back on phone. Is not bad considering horrendous source. Better audio makes the shit parts of the video seem better somehow.

This important research poss not happen if I was still saving world from lack of globalism.

Yes, there is a condition known as Madelung’s disease (or benign symmetric lipomatosis), which can cause very large ear holes among other symptoms. Madelung’s disease is characterized by the abnormal accumulation of fat deposits in certain areas of the body, including the neck, shoulders, and upper arms. This fat can also accumulate around the ears, leading to significantly enlarged ear lobes and ear holes.

Another condition that might result in enlarged ear holes is Paget’s disease of bone, which can affect the bones of the skull, including the temporal bone that houses the ear canal. This disease can cause abnormal bone remodeling and enlargement, potentially leading to changes in the size and shape of the ear canal.

Moreover, certain genetic syndromes like Cutis laxa or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can cause skin and connective tissue abnormalities that might lead to changes in the ear structure, including the size of the ear holes.

If there are concerns about symptoms like these, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional for accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.

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doctors are mostly pill pushing morns getting kickbacks from big Pharma.
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We have the same nephilim reptilian asswipes in office now!

No explanation necessary.

Posting to external thread for lurkers.

What should I do next?

can da algo do handz ? :sunglasses:

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Might give him 6 fingers and breasts. Which would be cool!

You got dis in a file not compression raped by the tube? Can see if it go.

This pretty cool but was more work than I wanna do. The 8k version might show up in a few hours/days. Stay tuned :popcorn:

Looks a bit over-sharpened…imho.

I reduced sharpening I could without smearing everything. Thats from the source. Contrast pop and color saturation too. Motion a billion times better tho which all that matters on piano video unless you looking as his nose.