New Hamelin CDs in August

Haydn Sonatas Vol.2 -

well, i still like hamelin, but i dont know why the hell hes still recording haydn, when theres so much more music that would be better to record. also, hes supposed to release the schumann quintet (and something else) with the takács quartet. he really needs to return to nonstandard rep.

well, he’s set to record his own etudes, the reger PC and the strauss burleske, so just a bit more waiting for those.

So is Hamelin now the James Patterson of Classical Music? Many albums a year and each worse than the last… Ex-wife must have taken him for all he’s worth.

im definitely looking forward to the etudes and the reger. the reger needs a good recording. i really like that concerto, even though its so damn dense.

I read that his first volume of Haydn sonatas sold extremely well.

well, yes, but we really dont need another volume of haydn sonatas. i know they were played well, but that doesnt mean he needed to record it.


or… he likes playing it and people like hearing it.