New Horowitz rec!


Mikhail Horowitz has a nice ring to it…no?

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How about Hui Cakeoff

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Respek the marketing wisdom of S. Horowitz.

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How about Huja Wang?


Hui Wang

This name made slide whistle sound in my mind.

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“Consoloations” the bigger joke there

Next album from this label poss Dmitri Rachmaninoff and Lovro Pogorelich can play two piano music of Gabriel Prokofiev?


I feel bad, all those guys name prostitutes but kind of good in their own ways. Sorry if you searching for your names name whore peeps

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I looked this up while on pubic transport in NYC.
Yeah. Assert dominance.

Stop looking over my shoulder at my screen!

How about Tiffany Dogler

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Yeah like Azusa Ichinose

Just… come on! She’s pretty but not on the same level as Suzu Ichinose, not as petite and has tits.

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Lol this vid still up when you search for liszt.

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