New Libetta Album ??



What the fuck.

So, basically this will sell more copies than all the Richter, Horowitz and Gilels releases combined?

Also da Candain said not to fucking post in dis secion without recs you goof

As CG as this might be, the fact that lib still has his own emoticon shows just how badly out of date the forum really is. :lib:


we need a FRIEDMAN emoticon ASAP

pozz from any of these images.

I like the hat one 8)

Second or third one would be better.

I vote for the second one tru

life sized 8)

:bar: <----------------- I approve.

Maybe it’s my ocd talking but I find the oversized emoticons disturbing.
It would be interesting to see which get used the least :rudy: :jacko: :god: :mule: :g: :shrimp: :kan:


I’ve used that one from time to time, I don’t see anyone using rudenko’s.
Don’t think I’ve ever seen that mofo mentioned in years.

Wut happened to da gigantic DOC one?

:doc: :doc: :doc:

pozz too huge?

whoops acknowledge wrong section post. Should be under terrifying news I’ll buy and post when it its available for completists lol

Well… here is the rapper he’s working with… for those that would like to visit what they just ate again

Is it going to be released on 01 April?