New Piano

Have you mofo’s seen this?
Quite a discernible difference.

I wouldn’t imagine it be as powerful as a cross-strung piano?

He’s doing a Schubert cycle on them atm, let’s see what the reviews say.

gonna be garbage

nice piano. If only he had the pianistic skills to match them 8)

hiz promotional skills and memory on the other hand, command respek. 8)

Assuming the string lengths are the same as a typical overstrung 9ft concert grand, then this piano will have to be longer overall, but I presume would sound much the same. If there is any great difference in sound, it may be the result of any number of other variables that differentiate this piano from the steinway, not necessarily the fact that it is straight strung.

I’d be more interested to hear a Steinway straight-strung piano built to the exact specifications (except for overall length) of their concert grands. I doubt there’s be much difference in sound.

I really don’t like his playing generally anyway. Can play whichever piano he likes

I don’t think many pianists like his playing.


Well, if he writes a book about self promotion, I’ll buy it.

I think the reason I don’t like his playing is because every interview of him I’ve seen is incredibly pretentious. And people who interpret much better don’t talk in the silly way he does.

You know, somehow I’m really fond of Friedman’s 2 Beethoven recordings, and also Moiseiwitsch. Who said Beethoven can’t be played with a pretty sound. More “pianistic” Beethoven. Or the Rach n Fritz playing da G major son

Frankly, I never cared for the self-professed Beethoven specialists.

The Moiseiwitsch Beethoven is especially great.

Yes. I also fucking love dat insane vid of Richter n Rostropovich playing da brotha cello sons.

Da Moiseiwitsch WALDO still one of the greatest recs.