new SDC'er erndizzle unleashes da fury w/chop et op10 no1

Hi y’all
This is the only Chopin etude I can play…
I know I hit few wrong notes and I skipped few notes here and there (especially bass section).
Anyho, I would appreciate any feedback/comments.
I would like to hear comments from “comme” and “zepp”… the fury masters and masters of the SDC community) :laughing:
I also would like to get a new nickname from SDC masters.
Take 1 was around 1:50
Take 2 was around 1:40
I personally like Take 2 version.
I could also finish the etude in 1:28 with minor glitches, that’s right bitches!!! Under 90 seconds. I can put lang lang to shame. :dong:
Technical specifications of the recording:
Upright piano from early 20th century.
Sony digital voice recorder
I used Wavepad program to convert .dvf file into .mp3 format.
I did not edit any part of the recording.
Thank you very much
Et10-1Take2.mp3 (301 KB)
Et10-1Take1.mp3 (329 KB)

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