New years drunkeness

I am fuckin’ toasted. Went to a new years party and got loaded. And randomly found out that one of my friends wuz a batti boy. SHocking Sheeyat. Share your experiences mofoz. and platinum respec fo da new year!!!1111 :whale: :ho: :rock: :stop:

i haff three fucks scheduled, so yea happy ending to a shite year

hence, gift:
1984 friah chopin berceuse

haha fuck!
da 2006 Down-Undah?

hahaha tru, and another friend iz 23 weeks pregnant, I mean wtf am I the only normal one left!!!

haha rezpec da :stop:

hahaha, i haf to wondah exactly how u found out da mofoz wuz a batti boi… :ho: :ho: :ho:

happe nu jeer to u guyz

hahahahhaahah fuckkkkkkk tha tym difference

randomly tiz 7:27 pm on tha 31zt in Toronto righ now. i am randomly gitting ready to go follow in tha BREW footstepz mahaself


me to a friend: so how iz ___ doing?

mah friend: he loves da peniz

me: fuck, are you serious?

mah friend: tru

me: dang.

randomly I iz mildly homophobic so I wuz glad dat he wasn’t there when I found out or I would have headed for da hillz.

I had da worst new years eveah.

  1. I had to hang out wit some people i fuckin h8 (nazifuckz) cuz mah friendz were goin dere. den we got kicked out of one party, stood by a busstop for 2 hours, found anothah party which sucked, went to another one dat waz tru but da people wuz too young (lyk 15) so i wuz all lyk “daim diz iz gay” so I went home aftah da 00.00 8)