newbies - newcummas to da scene

check what i say -

he has a decent technique for a musician in popular music

the song you refer to is butterflies and hurricanes - the piano interlude in the middle was composed by matt himself(the singer in the band) and it is far simpler than anythin rach ever wrote.

if you look closely he uses what is known as the AFAP technique - a way of producing great speed with minimal difficulty

dont feel bad though - this would fool any newbie

come to Da SDC forum where you may learn about such things

the guy is obviously a newcumma to da piano world and i showed him da way of da learned mofo

we in da SDC NEVAAAHHAHA insult newbies - we try to be welcomin to newcummas to da community

dis is just a piece of advice to people who become impatient with people that show geniune interest but are just newcomers - go easy on dem :wink:

HAHAHAH!!! That testimony is some sly genius. 8)

i rememba when i waz a newbie, dey were mean to me. 8)

hahaha, dis is mah exact point

we dont want da rest of da ppl to turn out as fucked up as da zepp 8)


dis be a random post in a random thread in a random forum


locked 8)

HA! 8)


u didnst know how to lock it