Newly discovered recording of Liszt playing his Etudes

Here is His recording of the second etude. If you want the rest, giff me money.

Liszt Plays Liszt


but give mo creditz to da :pimp:

uze zum :rectum: unreleazed zamplez 8) 8) 8) 8)

where the hell did you get this? id be willing to pay whatever it takes to get it.

Ok, well we’re talking about 4 simple payments of $289.99. And just to show you how amazing this set is, here’s Liszt playing his 8th etude:

Liszt Plays Liszt

And if you order now, you’ll receive a special bonus disc of Liszt playing Brahms’ Complete piano works. FREE. (Yes, they’re so fast they all fit on one disc. Talk about girth :wink: )

:rectum: : “I bought two”

haha i just wanted to see how much youd charge. tru, da jre is not quite that gullible.

Tru, I should charge more… nobody will believe that it’s real at that price.

Sell it to TD. His spruking could probably get you a few more customers :unamused:

da kritty will buy it.

$ izn’t moi concern.




Dere is dat recording of Brahms talking, and dat mofo died in the late 1800s

hahaha da pimp wuz azkd to rec, but he prefahd to leave hiz legacy to legend

becuz lykly he wuz not dat :stop: :whale:

hahahahaha diz thread truly genzui :pimp:


respec adding da 78-style scratchy noiz :doc:

Tru, in the Wild Jagd, I captured the sound of windshield wipers from a movie(randomly, hofmann invented the windshield wipers), and I distorted it like crazy.

hahha da HATTOri HanZO ztyle :lib: :lib: :lib:

Da earliest that I’ve heard iz from like 1878 (iirc) but you can hardly make out sheeyat, but still 1878 daim!! Hofmann wuz recorded az early as 1888 but diz cylindahz got bombed in WWI.

Man, this reminds me… I can’t wait to find out what Marston’s surprise issue is gonna be… they’ve been building it up for a while now, so you know it’s gotta be something freaking amazing.

yeah but it’s only available for preferred vocal and piano customers (iirc). There’s no way I could afford that. Maybe Koji could post it for us. Honestly, I would buy it, but they make things difficult by doing these special releases just for people who buy ALL their issues. I’m just plain excited for the Hofmann cylinders which, finally after year long delays, will be issued at the end of the year.

I read about that. It’s intriguing; I’m almost tempted to sign up on the strength of it.