Nice HO pic from my nerdlinger pianist collection:

bonus ziffros for picking out the musical luminaries in the audience


prick first row?

the pianist looks so familiar, but I can’t remember his name…hate when this happens!

hahahah da bigbrotha iz a cg legend :jackson:

Bruno Walter, above Horowitz to the Left.
Toscanini, in the aisle.

  • Stokowski, front row?

shit, I KNEW that was Horowitz. I suppose I need to reexamine some of those classical piano CDs I have.
I can compensate: that is in the Soviet Consulate, as I just found this same image online (with a caption :slight_smile: )

OK, so “HO” = Horowitz.

haha da big :brotha: is getting da lexico

yep. Pardon me for my ignorance. I don’t listen to classical piano as much as a listen to jazz, or violin recordings.

first row, possibly godowsky on a russian visit?

This couldn’t have been taken in Russia, Horowitz already looks 35+ in this photo.

I think he means the Russian Consulate in New York City. Probably 1940s, by the look of it.

I see a couple people who look like Beecham and Kubelik, but it’s probably not them. Guy in the middle looks like Prokofiev for sure, but he was not likely in New york after the 1920s + 30s.

Great pic. Thanks for sharing.

Isn’t that more like Rachmaninoff instead of Prokofieff?

People I recognize:

Front row, Bruno Walter, and George Szell, the dude on the end with his legs crossed might be Virgil Thomson. The person sitting directly behind him must be Nathan Milstein.
Sitting next to Milstein slightly to his left I’m fairly certain is Carl Friedberg.

Best I could determine that this was pozz at the Russian consulate for the American premiere of one of the War Sonatas. :ho:

Cool pic!

i’m pretty sure that’s not prokofiev and it’s definitely not rachmaninoff :wink:

This is such an awesome pic, Vlad was probably the most interesting pianist to look at when he played, even this pic is so graceful and stylish. When I see it all I can think is ‘shit, I so wanted to be there’

This picture was from a concert was given in January 11, 1944.

“The Seventh and Eighth Sonatas I played at the Russian consulate during the war. Many musicians came to the consulate. They all wanted to hear the new sonatas. In the first rows were Stokowski, Bruno Walter, Toscanini, the young Bernstein, all the critics, and many American composers like Barber and Copland.” (Horowitz in conversation with Dubal)

A charming concert for sure.


AHAHAHHA wtf pleaz tell me u haff a HO eighth zon :whale:

God, I wish.