"night piece" recommendations

I’ve been asked to do a program where the theme is “night pieces”, and the I’d prefer not to play only Chopin Nocturnes! Other obvious choices:

Britten Nocturne
Carter Night Fantasies

I guess I really don’t know that many “night” pieces. Suggestions?

if you end up doing carter’s night fantasies, good fucking luck, haha. saw oppens play that years ago. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a more focused performance from a pianist. the score looks nasty, also.

what about bartók? he wrote a lot of pieces in that ‘night music’ style. the out of doors suite could be a lot of fun.

NIGHT WIND :rectum:

tru ztart wit a littl brotha moonlight, dazzlin wit yo virtuozity in tha 3rd mvt, then a zelection of b**utiful chop noctz -moz certainly tha d flat maja one and i zuppoze e flat majah (pref tha edition i poztd in tha CG zect), n then whip out night zheeyatz n blow their mindz

encore pozz journey don’t ztop believing :stop: :gav:

or tha GAV prog from a few yrz ago

chop noctz
prick 8

:gav: :lib:

or the obscure and rarely performed “eine kleine nachtmusik” by Mozart :gav:

Chop Noct all the way imo :pimp:

pick da mozt furiouz chop nocturnez like da op. 27, 48/1, 55/2 and 62/1

Concurred, although diz pozz suicidal I haff faith. :pimp:

Haha wish I had the time throughout the semester to learn coldfart

Thanks for suggestions all!

you could probably memorize Liszt’s En reve in 30 minutes…

da zepp ‘night m*zik’ prog wud be:

zherbert zerenade

chop noctz
da firzt one
da famouz one
da furiouz c minah one
da one wiz da double notez
da penizt one

– intahmizheeyat

PAINT IT BLACK, zepp tranz
DA DARK KNIGHT, zepp tranz


:kan: LE PREUX

haha I’d be interested in hearing da zepp paint it black tranz. 8)

diz pun :comme:

Would be happy to send you the typeset version of Mondnacht, if that fits with your program–might be a nice prelude to Gaspard.

yes please!

ahahaha tru, in fact, da only zheeyat mizzin from diz night-themed prog iz…

zum ALL BLACKZ fury 8)