NIN - The Slip (new album)

Tru, new NIN album (wiff vocalz dis time 8)) available for free from da website.

da lossless n wave files u haff to get wiff a torrent. I got da FLAC files, so if anyone wants me to I’ll up dem on da ftp, othawize u can get da mp3

hahah da NIN

randomly da muzic compozer fo da original Quake game

a bit awezome

hahaha tiz tru

your kidding?

That would make a lot of sense actually

I was embarrassingly good at those games.

Hah wtf da spell check

The sound effects and music for the game were composed by Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails (within the game, the ammo box for the nailgun has the Nine Inch Nails logo on it in reference to this)

da jeff aint blowing zmoke, tru
one ov jeff’z favorite game zeriez, i didn’t lyk da 4th Quake though
they didn’t need a ztoryline in my opinion

i also liked da Duke Nukem :ziff:

rip off yo hed n sheeyat down yo neck :gav:

Yeah, Quake 4 was terrible - they copied the Doom 3 engine and it just…sucked.

But online Quake 2 is just… unbeatable.

and randomly, this is great! Finally another great NIN album

Q3Arena, had some GREAT times with that as a kid, what a game… It was the first I knew so I never got in to Quake or Q2, as it just all seemed ugly to me back then.

I still have the Duke Nukem 1 and 2 on floppies somewhere, and DN 3D is just a CLASSIC.

And tru I’ll get this album 8)

hahaha respec dis diskussion

haha tru dis classic quote 8)


Well I think NIN wins this time around