Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

tru, tiz sum essential sheeyat. 8)

hahaha get dis u fuckahz 8)

HAHAHAH rezpec diz clazzic

i randomly haf da fuckin fragile but not diz, only zelected trax

haha fuck cud u upload da fragile pozzibly? 8)

i hav all if u want

i randomly used to be a big fan of NIN years ago. tiz good shit.

tru tiz awezum

haha fuck sumbody plz upload da fragile tru :laughing:

if i can find or borrow this album, i will upload.

rezpec 8)

Me as well, kind of got tired of him tho, still good music though.

rezpec da nine inch! more recz!

im still looking for my old albums, tru, im a bit unorganized.

i have Fragile and i can upload when i get back to school

IMO easily the best album

pretty hate machine is cool though

yeah i haven’t listened to them in a while, I also got tired of it, but will listen again, it really is good stuff

randomly, the Fragile is still one of the best produced albums up to date

tru, plz upload da fragile

rezpec 8)

a guid zheeyat iz FILTAH “HEY MAN NICE ZHEEYAT”


:gav: :gav: :gav:




tru :mrgreen:

FUCK, I sorta ignored this, but I just heard some NIN in some videos, and fucking loved it. Anyone wanna reupload this? :blush: