Niu Niu a No No?

For those awaiting a new Niu NIu review, I’ve got news for you! The new Niu NIu, is a no go!

While the B minor Sonata is on every serious pianist’s Liszt list, the present outing shows an overall lack of coherence and maturity. An unwelcome development in a pianist known for his precociousness. The filler pieces that make up the rest of the album left me famished. While one can appreciate the feather touch of the Schubert impromptu, the lack of varied finger work in the Valse Caprice made me it more of a Valse Oubliee.

All in all one mustaches out of five.

stach !

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Who is Niu Niu? Da face look familiar.

Daim dis a JYARD MOFO!

I see! Diz mofo started out as an insane child prodigy

Dats a valid tech. Set yoself apart before you turn 15, because shit will get insanely competitive when u is 18 n trying mainstream comps as an adult

Rezpek diz mofo fo making it n having a Decca contract

Impressive left hand pinky action

Also, hu iz you?

I think he did da chopetz and a :pimp: transcriptions album where iirc the only review I read was fairly cutting about da luvdeath.

He looks like da zepp :lib:

Maybe this is phase 2 of zepp’s plan for world domination, past conquering dasdc.


Truuu, daiiim, da Zepp playing da roles of da HJ Lim AND diz mofo at da same tym


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Da first instinct is always :tm:?


Let’s hear it!

Why da flying fuck would I be talking about a non-female, non-tranny pianist?

Da @k-nar can always IP check tho

The name is Eugene. My friends call me Gene, and my enemies call me any number of things.

Good to meet you all!


Hmm, after three mins in, I like the general mood, but dislike quite a lot of details…

This is however the piece of music where my critiques will be harshest, for personal reasons.


Aiiight Gene. Da SDC mostly suspect all new members of being… me, but yeah…


I c

So, yo profile is in tribute to diz deceased mofo

Pozz u is da Comme?

Not unlike a Chopin sonata, this is a terrible development!


Ahahahah da zepp haff no dezire of cuntquerin anyzheeyat

But if zumzheeyat lead to anothazheeyat

Rezt azzured I vil grant da :x: dominion ovah NORWAY az a zign of our friendzhip :dove:

u vil govern all da landz jointly

wiz da MEF, head of da zharia party :sunglasses:


Ok, I support da zepp!
N den we can search for dose 1939-1940 Friedman concerts in Norway


Hahahahahahahaha da fuckin GENE ZHALIT


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haha sounds like some artificial (computer-added) reverb stuck on that obviously small room recording


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