Anybody know what this pianist has been up to last 30 years? I’m listening to his legendary liszt rec in headphones and there is so much insane OCD detail work there. Did he burn out or just decide against a big career?

He recorded da MAD HATTAH Feux follets :sunglasses:

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I’d sort of dismissed him as a midi pianist but there is a lot of nice touches on this album that are headphone dependent. Not sure if an audience in a hall notices this sort of preening style prep tho

The latter I think. Didn’t like to play, didn’t like to record. I used to have a friend with probably 60+ concerts from throughout his career - from which it would certainly have been easier to form a more complete view of him - but people have had a tendency to die in the piano world lately…

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I think his FF is very good, but I don’t recall ever listening to anything else, oddly enough!

Its is immaculate - perhaps to a fault. Has that under glass distant feel though couldn’t guess why on any one point.

I think fatman has figured him out - an interesting midi pianist. I sure would like to hear more as well, and especially from the 1990s when he was a little older.

What is your name??? It feels like I’m insulting you every time I address you.

And den when concert artists needed ANOTHER fake to pass of Fiorentino, dey used da Dinara rec

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Oh, its TurkeyFoot, though I prefer fatman ; )

Anonymity increasing my hances of survival during inevitable purges…


John’s enough. Thanks!

Daim. Hell, da powers dat be have everything they need from us, DMA swab any time you go to the doctor, for instance.

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Mainly teaching and setting up a competition in Japan, afaik.

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daim Fatman John

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But probably not how you’re thinking. :sunglasses: