Non-88 cumposer piano gems

How much good stuff is out there by composers not known for piano works?
I’ve played a couple of waltzes by Verdi and Puccini which are neat to have up ones sleeve (the Puccini is the original version of Musetta’s Waltz)

Da Respighi Concertos I like and the tre preludi are meant to be good. There’s variations for piano/orch by Verdi which I’ve been meaning to listen too.

On the other hand this is laughably bad

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Mahler iz 1 ov ma fav cumpozaz but rarely tranzd fo zolo 88

Dere iz a Friedrice Minuetto from da 3rd zymph

I think da only 88 instrumental work is da quartet no?
The 5th zym Adagio get’s played quite a bit but I dun think it works.
There’s an 8 hand verzion of da rezzurection zym been recorded.

Tru , juz too big to prog alzo

How often iz da :nigga: :pimp: 9th proggd ?

I dunno but been meaning to do it the past 5 years! (da 2 piano that is)
Pozz with choir.

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I honestly like some of Rossini’s piano works. Hardly great, but sometimes at least fun and worthwhile in that respect. Bruckner has some things as well I think.

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Mahler should have written a piano concerto

ahahahaha da cumplete SHITZO mvmt iz da limit of wut da zepp iz willin to zit thru in cuntcert :sunglasses:

Richard Strauss’s Sonata and two cycles are great.

Charles Gounod, Schreker and Leoncavallo also wrote sum 88 zongs but I don’t know if they’re any good.

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I listened to the sonata ages ago but didn’t leave much of an impression. Gould recorded it didn’t he? Although I don’t known if he’ll help or worsen the cause.


REZPEC diz mofo fo attemptin to write a huge zolo zheeyat fo da 88 while

haffin clearly nevah zeen a fuckin 88 or 73 or 69 zcore publizhed aftah da 15th century :sunglasses:

Tru. There’s also a half hour 1 movement fantasie which apparently rips off every major cumposer of the time. Pozz better than this…but most things are.

I quite like this, although still awkward af 88 writing.

@mikey try this CD, it’s excellent:

Stefan Vladar - Richard Strauss - Pieces Op. 3, Sonata Op. 5, Stimmungsbilder Op. 9

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