Non-Penis SDs

guitarists, violinists and other musicians

any sports people, and basically any tru mofos dedicated to da art of speed

here is an eg - da example of da fastest car u can buy and drive on roads and sheeyat -

dis david mofo said dis-
‘Posted by David on December 16, 2000 at 19:03:18:
If everyone is asking about the fastest car then we must define terms because the fastest car i have ever heard of broke the sound barrier but I seriously doubt any of us will drive that car at any time, however if we are talking about an automobile that can be reproduced today for purchase, has a full body, full interior, and can be driven on the street this car is without a doubt the 800 hp CORVETTE SLEDGEHAMMER. The car was produced in 1988 by the man!! Reeves Callaway. You too can own one for the meager cost of 400,000dollars, that is of course if you have money to burn. The car reached speeds of 254.76 mph on a set of swet magnesium rims.’

hahaha, i beleive dat mofo is da rite 1 - cos dat car has da most bling fuckin name EVAH -

da corvette sledgehammaaaahhh 8)

hahahahahahaha, i just noticed-

dat our good friend vadim posted on dat page 8) -

Posted by Rudy on January 12, 2001 at 08:20:02:



Sarah Ulmer ownz all. 8)

da donut king heself Yngwie J Malmsteen is a tru sd. Dis mofo started all da neo-classical metal sheeyat in da 80s wit da rising force. Check out da Baroque and Roll, comedic genius and speed all in one 8)

haha, ma fave tracks by da swedish wankah -

are far beyond da sun, and especially eclipse

but some mofos own him - like da petrucci mofo

when I read dis thread title I though dat was another SD chicks topic 8)

hahaha, da shocking similarity of da words pianist and penis produce much comedic genius 8)

i prefer da swedish meatloaf to da dream the-a-ter, da LaBrie’s voice commands no respec 8)

haha, labrie lacks fury, he is a perpetual panty moistener 8)

dayum ma mohammad ali-esque theater got screwed up

try da liquid tension sheeyat for some insane SD sheeyat without da annoyin vox 8)

True SD long haired beast on his guitar! I was teen during 80:ths and had a music friend who afta seeing dis guy quit his summer job, practised scales on his 6-stringed Ibanez for 10 hours a day (not kidding) 7 days da week and could copy Yngwie’s solos, all of dem!
Back to school, all weared sun-burns but for dis wikid kid.
Today givin lessons here and plain’ in Treasure Land.

hahaha, what a fuckin legend!

before I was a penist…
I was a drummer …
ain’t dat a perfect CV for a SD ?
I was already a true SD on da drums btw

check dat vid : dis is a tru SD legend : Joey Jordison
he was ma mastah

hahaha, indeed i know dis mofo from slipknot - he shud unleash like dat on da 88 and we cud have a nu ziff 8)

chek dis SD chix: … /stack.wmv

she is in the “useless SD” category
yet a true SD


WHAT DA FUCK WAS DAT?!!?!?!?!??!





we used to do that at my old school all the time… for some reason, it was part of P.E.

we’d have like all these competitions for who could do it the fastest, and then we’d compete with other schools

haha haven’t seen it in a while though

dat speed seems fuckin IMPOSSIBLE!

dat was so fasat it looked like it was fuckin accelerated
dayum 8)