… but not by da pimp!

In light of the discussion about recorded piano sound, kinda curious to know what you mofos make of it here.

This is a studio rec, so it’s got splices :blush:
Piano is a Hamburg D. I didn’t get on all that well with it (really light action - almost felt worn) but once you’ve paid for a hall and stuff you gotta make the best of it, and I do really like this ultrarare piece. The sound is a mix of hall mics plus close mics which are near the rear of the piano, maybe a metre away… I’ve got a photo somewhere but can’t find it right now.

I think it sounds good - but too close. Assuming a good hall (which this seems to be) I would have relied just on a single stereo pair placed probably about in between these two pairs, or used less of the close pair. I for my part also love the singing treble you get from left lid, but that is admittedly a bit of an “effect”. Mid- or right lid does give a more neutral/balanced/homogenous sound.

Please do post the picture if you find it! I love these things. :jacko:

Yeah, good job there in front of the keys too. How did you find the piece?

Hu iz da penizt?

To me, it sounds too closely mic’d n not ambient enuff

Incessant IMSLP browsing and hours of sightreading to see if pieces are promising :wink:

It helps if you know of source material you like, that narrows it down.

Found a photo - let’s see if the forum will accept .png screenshots…

Diz yo rec? 8)

Penizt is moi :slight_smile:

I think it’s probably too close also.

Thanks! I suppose you don’t remember or have any info on mics as well? :jacko: :jacko:

Somewhere I have a note of it… brb…

Fuckin rezpek :gold: :gold: :gold: :gold:

Yeah, I would almost have spotted you even if you didn’t say anything. Everything sounds “big” when you play, and also very natural and unaffected.

Tru, I recognized diz ztyle 8)

Close mics were my own pair of Rode NT5s. The hall mics were possibly two Neumann U87s, but I’m not sure about that. I know the engineer had them available plus an AKG C414 and another pair which I can’t remember - possibly not ideal for piano as he’s actually more an engineer / producer for rock bands but I know him well and I get good rates.

Fuckin rezpek to da engineer for making mah playin sound bettah than it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember I used to listen to your Moses arps vid a lot back in the day.


Aha that was a long time ago!!

My teacher put in a lot of work improving my sheeyatty but fast n amateurish playing. Many hours in da prax room gulag. Painful!

Da prax room.
No air. Hot alluring asians walking by…

Your phone needs to be checked but u gotta finish one hour first…

My prax room routine is appalling. Prax - improvise - prax, fuck this, impro again!