Noztradazepp predicktz da 2015 chopcomp winnah

zcalin da peak of moizt, tru tiz zum natural gensui on dizplay

da only zheeyat goin againzt her iz

diz yrz winnah

2 chickz 1 comp, a bit hard to zwallow 8)

n diz rathah convincin argument 8)

dat chop comp iz zum ov da bezt i have heard tru, i have high hopez for tiz chick

(zhe iz already signed by da EMI)

… incredible, so young and tiny hands, yet perfect control. :chop:

hahahhaah man az far az candain kidz go i wud reckon tha VIKING iz tha next legend in line :lib: :doc:

yeah I reckon the girl is a lot better than the canadian kid. His playing didn’t strike me as anything exceptional.

DG’s A&R strategy seems to be to sign whoever has some media “buzz” around them, produce a couple of pop favourite CDs then dump them for the next flash in the pan pianist.

Remember when being signed to DG actually meant something? :dong:

That cachet died wif da Dongah joining. Not that it’s because he is toxic (he is), but it is the general shift of strategy from having artists for the sake of making art to repackaging classical music into pop.

everything iz always about da money

Tru - idealists are dying out fast …

The thing is, if the DG people are interested in money over art (whic seems to be the case) they are really in the wrong business; I can’t imagine classical music being very profitable, even if they persist with their current strategy.

DAIM diz drippin wetnezz!! :dong:

Excellent playing.

:japan: FUCK!! :zhreddah:

Last I’ve heard is that Jan will be doing no more competitions. Why bother when you’re signed with DG? Also, I’m pretty sure that his contract wouldn’t allow it as he would have much more to lose than to gain considering IMG isn’t running into any problems getting concerts…

I have lost faith in young white pianists.