NU LEGEND challenge da KAT in da BROTHA-PIMP


look at da name

look at da lingo

dere iz only ONE pozz SDC NICK fo diz mofo tru :alex le grand: :sunglasses:

Hahahah da only zhame iz he play on a weak old 88

Tiz appropriate dey iz called ‘period’ inztrumentz,cuz dey make yo earz bleed


They’re awesome, you just can’t play them like a Steinway. That’s what I learned during the Chop comp last month, probably the most worthwhile competition I’ve ever followed for this reason. A lot of things about both music and historical vs modern pianism suddenly fell in place.

Weird choice here though, these symphonies if anything were clearly transcribed with a modern instrument in mind.


Have we lost @raur in the forum transition incidentally? I haven’t seen him around in weeks.

Tru! Da comme was always great at these sorts of puns. Rezpec! :comme:

Tru, somebody, get this dude da YAMAHA CFX (signed by Lola of course)