nuly crowned MINI LEGENDA

firzt zhe zhame da KAT

n rape da WHALE:

den chill wiz a clazzic chopet

all da while evokin da TRU zpirit of da LIB-BAUEH, not to mention da COMME himzelf

all diz at 12 yrz of age

zhorly dezerve a big golden



She’s not playing music, but holy f- what chops this kid has.

i dun undahztand da uze of da word ‘but’ in diz context 8)




It zoundz bad, but she iz young wiz chops so I give her mah rezpec :stop:

hahah diz

ahahahah da ZEPP
tru diz chick iz gensui
if zhe goez wif a good teacha her future would be the zky

unfortunately da Miyagi iz a bit DEAD

i hope hze learnz tha complete BRAHMZ 116 :shrimp:

tru, tiz sad

RIP da Morita

iz zhe really only 12


hahaha iz u arouzed? 8)

hahaha 12 yrz(o zo) ago when i ztarted wankin, i randomly had zum penpalz all ovah, n da envelopez wuzn zticky, zo i uzd ma own adhezive

n tru :lib: :gav:

too much dog in her diet :dong:

ahaha da OZEAN COMMET and da REVO cummah


“da SDC muz act az da paternal guardian, zheltahrin her from da corruptive evilz of da zl*w world” -NoztradaMART :lib:

ahaha n check da ZEPP commentz alzo tru 8)

hahaha da nu entry


da minilengda Oct-chopet comment:

achilless (5 days ago) Marked as spam
this etude works on the legato’ing of the octaves, if you cannot legato the octaves, you cannot play this etude, there is no point in playing it if you just use octaves and pedal to legato it, it has to be done with the 3-4-5th fingers. Also, I’ll be a critic and say it’s not strong enough.
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datruzepp (4 days ago) Marked as spam
you idiot, it’s much harder to play this piece with only 15 than switching between 345.
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achilless (3 days ago) Marked as spam
have you read and seen the fingering for this etude? every etude strengthens and trains something, this etude trains and strengthens LEGATO OCTAVES, that’s why there’s a legato marking over the top of every phrase in the etude, and fingering 3-4-5, you idiot. read into chopin etudes first.
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rladmscjf8439 (5 days ago) Marked as spam
That is exactly what I have to correct.
I also found it !!
Thanks. . .

so tiz means, tiz minilegend practiced tiz WITHOUT uzing a zcore???

tiz juzt a bit :pimp: