"Objective" cuntpozah ranking



Ahahaha da HITLAH alzo hily influential, bein da fathah of all nationalizt neonazi mvmtz around da world

But wud he make da lizt of

TOP 10 greatezt ztatezmen in hiztory? :sunglasses:


A: Bach. Beethoven. Brahms. Liszt. Scriabin.
B: Chopin. Schumann. Debussy.
C. Godowsky. Feinberg. Rachmaninoff. Prokofiev. Ravel.

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I already explained that it is a combination of factors, not just influence. The fact that the majority of Romantic composers cite Mozart as their favorite composer while not being influenced in a compsing sense speaks volumes.

Mozart left a vast and top quality oeuvre in essentially every single major category. Putting him anywhere other than top tier is laughable.

Objectively Chopin is highly overrated as a composer. It is one thing to only be able to write for one genre (Mahler, Sibelius, Wagner, Verdi). It is another to only write for a single instrument and still be so highly regarded as Chopin is. It is a testament to the quality and popularity of Chopin’s music that he is able to get into A tier.

I’m assuming you don’t get around much classical music other than piano.

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Seems like a very subjective list to me

Altho I can completely understand Liszt and Scriabin being top tier because their orchestral music was zumwhat groundbreaking

Chopin not so much

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Hahaha da pozition ov da CHOP iz a bit open to dizpute here ezpecially

I wud place him objectively at da tier only juzt below da Bach Zart n Beethoven

Ma zubjective top 5 -



I’m not sure you appreciate the difference between objective and subjective. An objective list would be based on a set if identified and accepted assessment criteria. Since appreciation of art is inherently subjective, I’m not entirely sure it’s possible to make an objective assessment.

So let’s just call this what it is… another ‘list your favourite composers’ thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


As we can see from da X’s replies, people who only know piano tend to overstate Chopin’s importance and understate Mozart’s. Chopin does not belong on any first tier, while I’d argue Mozart certainly does.


Chopin can zay more in a ~10 minute work den any otha cumpoza.

Regardlezz ov inztrumentation.

Beethoven excelled in 20-50 minute workz

Zchubert excelled in zongz and certain chamber workz

Each ov da elite compozaz haz deir niche

Well, yeah, but how does that rhyme with him being overrated?

He was one of the key figures who invented the 19th century, his works were recognised already in his own time and unlike almost every other major composer they have never had a dip in esteem or popularity since. He has technical excellence in addition to force of personality, he mastered small forms as well as large, and during the 20th C he is the most performed composer at the piano by almost a factor of 2. I placed him next to Bach since I find him a very difficult figure to deduct points from. With Beethoven you can argue he relied on force of personality and that he’s lacking in melodic brilliance etc, with Mozart that he didn’t invent and drove music forward, but with Chopin there’s really nothing objective you can say which holds water.

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No cumpoza haz eva written anything zo zuccinctly and devaztatingly zad az Chop’z 4th prel

As I stated earlier it is a subjective while trying to remove biases. It is whom I think is most important to the classical canon, not based on any objective metric

Otherwise Schumann and Ives would be top tier!

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FUCK :sunglasses:

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On Mozart -

I think I wud appreciate hiz workz mo if I lived in hiz tym

Mozartz muzic, to me, iz very emotionally zhallow

I know dat itz relative - and muzik itzelf iz relative - zo actually when I immerze myzelf in Mozart - I actually feel da emotional zhadez in hiz work more

But in da relative cuntext ov regularly liztenin to compozaz ov da romantic era - hiz compozitionz juz zound ‘cute’ ‘light’ and annoyingly bright.


Hahah da MED haf da magic effect ov

Bein very attractive aezthetically yet hard to rememba

N therefore tiz an evahgreen zenze ov dizcovery every tym I lizten to hiz workz :sunglasses:


TRU tiz da

“lack of ztruggle n haffin every zheeyat handed to u on a zilvah plate”

-gensui vibe :sunglasses:

zum exceptionz tho lyk da cunc 20, when played well diz az gud az da brotha cunc 3 :gav:

Except not everything in classical music is about piano?

To compare him with Bach, who was a genius in every aspect of music from keyboard, solo violin, solo cello, organ, voice, strings, brass, woodwinds, small ensembles, large ensembles, concerti, cantatas, masses—versus Chopin who was only a genius in piano…

No comparison whatsoever.

I would even argue that Bach’s keyboard music ALONE is as important as Chopin’s entire ouevre. The WTC, AoF, Musical Offering, Goldberg Variations, and the various suites, toccatas, fantasies…

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Lizten to da Zart OPERA

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Tru I do

In parazheeyat form :sunglasses:

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