"Objective" cuntpozah ranking

I wonda what you 88-biazed mofoz iz thinking of DACHOO’S bezt attempt at a zumwhat objejctive cuntpozah ranking


Will be cuntroverzial fo sho

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Hahahah. Zum tru. Zum BZ.

But rezpec fo puttin

FRANCK next to ZAPPA :sunglasses:


How is it objective?
What’s da criteria? Is it in order within da groups? Dont think anyone would agree with Rach above Debussy. And Verdi in a different category to Wagner…


Eh not zo objective bazed on real-life STATZ but more my zubjective feeling on objectivenezz—az in, if DACHOO were to rank cuntpozahz while trying to remove da perzonal biazez, what would da lizt look like?

Fo exampah da SHOE iz my favorite cuntpozah but all thingz cuntzidered he zhould be high A tier by analyziz of talent, verzatility, influence, popularity, output quality and sheeyat

And yez I prefer Verdi to Wagner but Verdi did not change da face of muzic like da WANKAH did. Rach iz general da superior orchesztral writah to DEBUZZY and haz more verzatility az a writah for da 88. They are neck-and-neck anywayz

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How could I not? :sunglasses:


ahahaha da ZCHOEN BURGLAH a fuckin A clazz mofo along wiz da CHOP n PIMP?!

in da zepp lizt

diz mofo in da zame clazz az

da RECTUM :sunglasses:

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Hahah in wut Zhoe-biazed world iz da fuckin CLARA Zhoe in da zame rank az da fuckin KAN :sunglasses:


I liztened to exactly


zchoenburglah piecez in da lazt six monthz :sunglasses:

But he iz technically more important cuntpozah than CHOP…

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Neither did Mozart but yet you keep him top tier?

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I’m going to use da x’s avatar for every reply in dis thread i think.

What does S tier stand for?
Zpeed? :mrgreen:


I can be controversial too if I put my mind to it

A: Bach, Chopin
B: Mozart, Beethoven, Prokofiev
C: Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Haydn, Schubert, Berlioz, Schumann, Liszt, Wagner, Brahms, Debussy, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Ravel
D: …

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If diz iz bazed on influence…tru da ZCHOENBERG inzanely high

but da ZART n BACH wud be inzanely low

da BACH didnt really haf direct dezcendentz becuz he wuz already old fazhioned in hiz lyf tym

n da ZART wuz loved by many but didn’t really break huge nu ground ztylizdickly fo othaz to build upon

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Direct influence ov ztyliztic approach dat changed da landzcape ov muzik

Lyk Wankah did by ztretching tonality n chromaticizm, lyk Depuzzy did wiz imprezzionizdick vertical harmoniez

BACH iz da moz interezting influence in muzik…he didnt directly influence any zcene but u can tell he influenced late :nigga: z denze fugal writin, and even Reger n Godowzky latah on


I think you’re right about Bach above - but in a more vague sense you can also say he’s the father of everything which came after him.


Very vague becuz he wuz a minor lezzer known figure until da MENDY rezurrected him n made him famouz

and by da way - da MENDYz own fuguez are very underrated, Grozvenor playz dem very well

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Yeah that’s true. On the other hand he essentially created classicism too as a reactionary movement to him. =)


WANKAH: up one level.
:pimp: likewise.

Da TURKIZH DONGAH harzhly undahrated.

Da Kan likewise.

Einaudi=Z. Zzzzzzzzzz.
Da claydahdong actually a more legit cumpozah den him, well a less sheeyat one.

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