Obligatory SZYM THREAD

HHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc:

Srsly WTF ??? Luff zongz to his 15-yr old :ho: .

But anyways wikid compozr. Thru n thru. 2nd Sonata, early variationz, n pozz da late etudez = Rezpec.

totally underrated composer. 3rd symphony and the stabat mater are masterpieces! to say nothing of the piano music

I like him too, violin concerti are nice.

Wonderful composer, but a bit of a sick puppy.

not any more sick than other comparable geniuses: gesualdo, lully, etc.

what did lully do that was bad? i know gesualdo was a murderer.

random bi pimp

busted for doing an underage prince outside the castle once, and was banished from a particular court because of it

Wish I could’ve seen the knife fight between Bach and some random bassoonist. :lib:

hahhahaHahahahaha tha wordin of thiz juz givez a genzui mental image :whale: