Obtaining Clarity in da Rach 23-7

I haff diz prelude just about up to speed, but da clarity I want in da interp is lacking. Pedaling is fine, da problem rests in mah hands.

Anybody got a bright idea?


get mo zpeed, keep goin fo mo zpeed, n den backtrack zlitely fo clarity if u wizh to be dat ghey :ho:

hahaha da comme :comme:

aahhahhahha wtf ther iz :ho: rec of thiz???

rob, zorry to break it to u, but da HO emote iz da primary reprazentment of gheynezz :ho:

hahahah daim a bit :ho:

ah that was a fun one

Hmmm, honestly, just practice slow with a quick and light fingeraction, using little of the key,

and then speed it the fuck up.