[official' da TM unleazh a rare late pimp mofonezz

diz zong

  • a bit WACK yo
  • I iz digging diz!
  • da zong iz good but da playing suckz dick

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Rezpec, I love late Liszt.

Same, but I’ll save it for another time since I don’t plan to die during the night

HAHAHAHAHAHA good idea 8)

Obviously the playing is good. I’m not that keen on the piano - for this sort of piece - though. I’d prefer maybe an older German piano with a rich middle, something that can really emulate a cello sound. I can’t remember for sure if this was one of the pieces in this style (eg Nuages Gris) which :pimp: also did as a piano / cello combo version, I found that instrumentation very effective tbh.

Tru, that piano had a nasty bass, out of tune top notes and zero smoothness.
Mildly shit

Yes, the LONG version of this piece also has a cello n piano version!