Where iz u from 8)

  • negro AFRICA
  • gay CANADA
  • randomly lame USA
  • chinkungingwang AZIA
  • jewymuzlimy MIDDLE EAZT
  • comme-infested UK
  • somewhere else in da EUROPE
  • land of da AUZZIEZ
  • sum lil island in da middle of nowhere 8)

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Where iz u from 8)

california 8)

for English , Poland
for Polish , Polska
for German , Polen
for Arabs , Bolonia
for Russians , Polsha
for some others … Pologne !

haha da finnish mofo

for no one but you … Shut the fuck up…!!!

(Na, moi iz just playing dawg)

nowhayh. norway. sum weah else in euro0pe.

-da Meph

What a gay thread

i live in wilnis a bad ass place in the netherlands with lyk thousends of autists :mrgreen:

hahahah do u mean autistic mofoz? or artiztz, n u wuz uzing a random ghey accent?

haha htru :lib:

da :comme: iz a autizt, randomly 8)

heheh tru but he dusnt live in wilniz :angry: