Ogdon's Vingt Regards on CD

You can buy an authorized CD-R Reissue from Arkivmusic now for like 30 bucks. A bit expensive, but I can assure you the performance is worth it.


Anyone who doesn’t care about sound quality can wait until after Christmas for my LP transfer from my copy which is only in decent shape.

man, I hate buying CD-R randomly.

True, personally I only hate buying CD-R when I find out it was from a disreputable dealer. VAI / Back Catalogue reprints etc don’t bother me at all. After all, you’re only really paying for the music - who cares how you get it?

thanks for the info

just ordered it

i’ll post it when it arrives

I’ll wait for your LP transfer then. Thanks in advance!

Rezpec to both you and canadian.

Respect! I’ll just download your post then, because my records are not in great condition and I doubt I’ll get a good transfer from them. Thanks a bunch :rectum:

Sheeeyat! I will considah! daim da ogdon meatz da 20 rapez of jezuz

that was religiously insensetive, shredder.


n that wuz racizt uzin tha “er” endin u fuckah :gav:

i wuz cuttin it a bit cold, but da zlice remain tru, zadly

da zhreddah randomly kwite da religiouz bedfellow, n i juz lyk 2 point out he iz lykly goin 2 hell :dong:

luckily i aint religiouz, n i haf a feelin if dere iz a god, he vil rezpec diz mo den random cockzuckin peniztimizm :gav:

haha…comme, moi thought u iz atheist and have no love for humanitiez.


hahaha iz u implyin dey iz in zum way connected? 8)

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Sounds like da comme is pozzibly a Secular Humanist live myself :rectum:


I iz atheizt but I dun giff a crap about da peepz 8)

haha diz iz tru

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n tru dat haf becummah 1 ov ma fav wordz zinz da dimmu album, hu zayz :brotha: metal cant be heduc8ional :g:

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I’m not really misanthropic, just randomly disillusioned with da world (and Oz in particular). :kan:

Didn’t know Ogdon recorded the 20 Lurks at my Homeboy. I’m learning no.11 (Communion the la Vierge)
A few years ago I started with the Eglise d’Amour but gave up after a few weeks…

Has Katsaris recorded the complete set, btw?

no :cry: :cry:

but there is this: youtube.com/watch?v=WuOUBCdw7qg
which is the best messiaen i’ve ever heard.