Oistrakh - Khachaturian Violin Concerto

And Prokofiev Concerto 1

Without doubt the most awe-inspiringly furious violin recording that I am aware of. Enjoy


Get this you mofoz

rezpc i wil get this now…Oistrakh is actually my favourite violinzt :rectum:

nevah heard the katch violin concerto

i vill d/l

His 3rd symphony is hilarious-it sounds like pure lets-piss-off-Stalin music

ahaha tru vill git diz, den be over my limit. fuck I need an upgrade. Rezpec da canadian :rectum:

Man, this is one of the trashiest piece of music i’ve ever heard - like straight out of the trailer park.

But Oistrakh just loves it and he plays the piss out of it.

I randomly have this on LP, but thanks for the digital version 8)