Old Broadcasts

Does anybody know this?


hmmm, haven’t seen a copy of this anywhere. I wonder what Lhevinne plays here.

What an eclectic bunch.

NBC Radio History Collection, specifically the NBC Radio History Index Cards, and found a card for Mr. Friedman stating he gave a piano recital on March 11, 1935 from 11:00 pm to 11:15. Unfortunately, the program was not recorded and we have no recording of it.

15 minutes? Probably unleashed a chop ballade and the rest was blabla.

The mofo got disrespected so much in America.
Fuckin Yankees 8)

That’s right, he couldn’t even find a proper teaching job - that’s why he decided to settle in Australia in the early 1940s.

I’m writing to the library of Congress to see if they got any NBC network acetates from that day

Like I said many times, Friedman should have signed with HMV and recorded his whole rep Cortot style.

While 2/3ds of da Cortot output

Should have been melted down into ammunition and used for road pavement.
Same goes for Schnabel.

found a copy. 31:14 total.
Sadly Lhevinne doesn’t playa a NOTE. Note he is only listed in the credits - basically a misprint.