one fo da oldzkool mofoz ere in da SDC

how haz it turned out

  • a bit sheeyat
  • exceeded ma wildezt expectationz
  • tru, mo wikid den i expectd
  • haha i expected da precize amount of wikidnezz it actually iz
  • it haz dizappointed ma azz a bit
  • i expected wikid, but tiz sheeyat
  • i expected complete sheeyat, n TIZ complete sheeyat, zo tru it lived up to ma expectsheeatyt

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when da SDC wuz announced to da world in early 2004, little did i noe it wud zpark a revolution, n tru den cummah da forum on zept 9/10th 2004.

but how haz it turned out wiz comparizon to yo expectationz tru?

tiz wikid fo sho. tho randomly mizz tha fact dat on chopinfilez diz gensui really pizzed off alot of people 8)
it wuz fun watching the likez of virt/ww get so worked up. and den da nij break down when da :comme: unleazh hiz gensui

and den there’z sum wikid sheeyatz dat juz stopped. like whole threadz of:


and sum membahz who randomly fucked off:

da scrib
da stone
da dor
da rod
da rach

probably others i forgot

da random recz and vidz wuz not sumthing I expected but hath worked out.

hahahahahahah TRU

da rebel element iz ztill dere in a different form due to da SDC becummin a part ov da onlyn mainztream conciouznezz, n gradually our cum iz zeepin thro all da crackz in all 88 groupz onlyn

tiz juz a mattah ov tym :stop: 8)

It’s a helluva lot better than the other piano forums out there. :ziff: :ho: :rock: :rectum:



didn’t we once desperately talk about the future of da SDC? :dong:

remembah, no mofoz visited da SDC in da 1st 6 months but da same old mofoz and 95% of da members who signed up treat da SDC like da chinese public toilet. they pay us a visit and they smell some shit (a sudden departure).

we try our best to try to boost up da situation but to no avail. da kritty honestly thinks that tiz place will be da Sahara eventually. howevah, aftah da gensui depression, a large numbah of mofoz started to sign up and damn, dese fuckahz stay longah dan expected.

i izn’t sho what factahz attract them to be here since there izn’t any sheeyat to do besides reading da cumme postz and at that time, there’z no rec/vid sect and da SDC iz being attacked b/c we (da kritty iz just a lil crew) fucked too many places in da past.

anyway, Merry X’mas and Happy new year to everyone. hope u mofoz have a great time and pozz a great[color=yellow] night.


it goez up n down. right now it iz on da way up… might be back to normal if u kill iamcanadian :wink:

I say da following:



hahahahaha funny


wtf banned?!


daim diz suckz cock. who iz all dese people?! wtf


mildly gay


a bit tru

I thought u waz Virt

hahahaha da old zheeyat on da cf

truly legendary :comme: :comme: 8) :comme: :stop:

hahahha I confezz, i uzed to get so pissed off at Da SDC shit on the Chopinfiles forum. NOW DA SDC IS EVERYWHERE. DA LINGO IZ UNMIZTAKABLE, and when I see a vid on youtube with a comment thread like this…

X says
Y says
Richter was one of the greatest pianists ever and you sound like a fucking imbecile referring to him as a “rectum”. Can you play better? If you can’t don’t make any more stupid comments.
X says

I think…

:dong: :whale: :rectum:


unveil yo cock!

hu wuz u?

hahahahahahaha tru

Oh i waz just a lurker who perved on ninj.


Just like I’m a semi-lurking leacher here :smiley:

But for the record, you guys rule!

8) i agree

a bit wtf cocksucker 8)

bazically wizout da SDC…i wud not b da world-reknowned niggah dat i iz today

datz rite 8)

word 8)



:brotha: +2 = 0