Opera and crassical music under fire

Gotta give Thomas credit putting it to the annoying bitch of an interviewer.

And some feedback to the BBC

I read the letter first, didn’t have the stomach for the interview.
This sort of stuff really angries up the blood.
The elistism claim is complete bullshit. Let’s face it, EVERYONE is elitist about their musical preferences, you only have to read the youtube comments for any music and you’ll typically see “Music today is so shit, it was so much better in [insert decade]”.

He does do a good job especially with some pathetic questions like opera singers and their weight. But for the general population, that is the way the world is unfortunately - visuals are just as important as sound nowadays.

She makes a point that unless an audience member does their research before, they’re not going to enjoy the performance - that has got to be the weakest claim I’ve ever heard. so if someone goes to a movie/art display/museum/play, they’re not going to enjoy it coz they know nothing about it?

Frankly impressed by the guy answering so politely and gracefully to everything she throws at him hahah