Opinionz on Medtner

iz u zayin random impro iz a bad zheeyat? :sunglasses:

I like some of the Fairy Tales (in particular op 20 no. 1) but aside from that I don’t really get him. I don’t get late Scriabin either. Maybe I just need more exposure to that style and more time for it to sink in…

Honeztly late Scrib sounds totally different to me dan Medtner. But I’m no composition person.

I don’t think they sound the same by any means but I still kind of lump them into the same category, very abstract Russian music

ahahahah da ZCRIB ovahall haff mo workz dat reach GENSUI levelz fo zhor

da MED output mozly range from:

zumwut random to pretty gud :gav:

n tru dere iz only one truly memorable GENSUI level zheeyat from da MED, da bezt perf of which belong to da COQ, wiz da DOC a cloze 2nd :sunglasses:

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I fuckin adore Scrib, esp da stuff from da 5th zon on


Me too. The later and weirder, the better.


Haha n I actually WIZH da zcrib remained at hiz ZCRIB 4 level ztyle longa n cumpozed mo in diz ztyle

I love late zcrib but itz a zhame hiz mid period wuz zo zhort

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Hahaha I like dem a lot u mofo, I’m zayin dat fo me dey iz da weakezt out ov da 14

Which ov da otha zonz wud u rank below dem? :lib:

Probably the night wind and the ballade and op 22. But I need to listen to the night wind and ballade more

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Haha daim iz we livin in oppozitez land?

Op22 n Nightwind are pozz ma top 2 :whale:

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Which recs would you recommend for op 22?

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Benno es muy Bueno

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Sonata Tragica is one of my all time favourite pieces of music, ever. Period.


Fave rec? Beuz iz legendary in dat zon

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There was an unreleased Tozer take that might be on youtube now. Earl Wild is also great. Wish Volodya had played it in public.

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Tru Tozer iz alwayz da gold ztandard reference rec when it cummah to Medtner. Dat zingle take rec juz zoundz mo raw n live, much betta den tame ztudio zheeyatz.

Da Knight Errant actually pozzibly ma fav 2-88 work. Even above :rocky: 2nd zuite.

Where da fuck did yo vid ov dat go? :sunglasses:

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Da MED recorded diz himzelf too

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Haha da MED own recz harzhly a bit tame but contain zum tru gensui

ahahaha da apparent awkwardnezz of tryin to play an impro da zame way twice

tiz tru not every mofo haff da KAT zpontaneouz abilitiez :sunglasses: