Opinionz on Medtner

Randomly my fav cumpozah of piano sonatas. Dense, lyrical, evocative, with beautiful form. Tru. Wat iz your opinion ov diz mofo?

Legendary. Unique voice and ztylee.

1 ov da moz rewarding ‘repeated lizten’ cumpozaz

Zumtymz he appealz mo to da brain den da heart, but often poetic alzo n genuinely moving


Medtner was good enough for Rachmaninoff, so I’ve really spent a lot of time listening. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy. I know Medtner is quite different than Rach, fewer tunes if any, etc., so I am not using Rach as a benchmark. And I think that is part of the problem with people coming to Medtner via Rachmaninoff. I think Medtner needs to be approached as one would approach Busoni or Godowsky in their original non hyphenated works.

I think I was able to get the shorter non-sonata works most easily. The sonatas were a set of of nuts to crack, and some of them still elude me.


Medtner pozzibly da bezt compoza to lizten wiz zcore

Hiz workz are zo well crafted fo da 88, :doc: zaid hiz iz da moz penizdick piano-writing in da whole repertoire

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I’ve loved Medtner since the first notes I heard (Sonata Reminiscenza - Ginzburg). I’ve never had to work at it; his is a language I understand innately.

I was actually just making a list of all my favorite Medtner sonata recs - I’ll post it when I get home from vacation.


I never had to work at it eitha. Tiz juz very attractive muzik.

Wut I did find intereztin iz hiz melodic n rhythmic phrazing which haz a totally unique feel

It flowz in a completely non obviouz almoz contrarian way dat zurprizez on firz lizten yet makez gensui zenze upon zubzequent liznz

Alzo hiz maztery ov makin odd meterz zound natural, diz Danza Fiorata flowz zo well


hahaha tru firzt rec i heard wuz tha CUBA clazzic reminizcenza rec n i thought it wuz an ok zheeyat
i feel lyk that wuz tha work he wrote becuz hiz peopl wer zayin to him u need a mainztream hit zo he wrote zum generic chord prog openin n they all thought they wer about to be rich :sunglasses:

otha than that that f minah zon tha doc playd in tha zupahvirt i found kind of interezting, but ztill didnt really lizten to much but tha WHALE wuz tha mofo who made medtnr wikid fo mahzelf ezepcially zum radnom forgottn mel*diez n fo zho tha live NIGHTFART rec from eitha CAMBRIDGE or amztahdam i neveh rememab which :whale:



Hahaha FCUKKK da ROBBAH perfect pitch

Da F minah zon iz da one da Debargue played

da DOC zupah virt iz da zonata romantica in Bb minah but da 2nd mvt iz in Eb minah tru

Unlezz da vid pitch iz fuckd n da robbah unveil zum hidden gensui :doc:

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You need to listen to Debargue’s performance of the F minor (there are numerous versions, but my favourite is still the one from the Tchaikovsky comp). He owns that piece imo.

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ahahahah tru i iz thinkin of that e flat minah mvt from tha romantica :doc:
tha f minah i remembah now tiz tha comme favourit one u pozz zhowd me back in tha day…:lib:

i vil c if tiz on tha tube :shrimp:

Haha tru pozz diz wuz ma fav back den , actually a gensui 1zt zon

But now I cant pick ma fav, all gensui

Weakezt are da 3 zonata-triad but even dey haf zum wikidnezz

Da G minah zon uzed to be da moz played den in da laz few decadez da reminizheeyat becummah da moz played becuz tiz pozz da moz accezibl

But da Nightfart fo zhor da 1 to play to give an imprezzion dat a penizt iz an inzane epic mofo

STRONGLY disagree


For me the ones I like the least are the G minor and reminiscenza. Debargue is playing the former in his current programme, which I’ll hear in October, maybe he can change my mind. I’ve heard it once in concert, and it was enough that Ms Heels refused to come to further piano recitals (until this year with Malbino), because she was ‘too ignorant’ to understand it.

Was just listening to Doc’s forgotten melodies in headphones. Op 39 set pretty badass.

This is before hyperion started compressing and over engineering da doc.

Does the complete sonata set sound this good? I never picked it up for some reason.

DIZ, cumbined wiz da ramblin-wtf-all-ovah-da-place ztylee of moz of hiz zongz,

point to da fact dat

tiz all juz random impro :sunglasses:

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Da ZEPP a bit harzh, zorely you undahstand da genzui in question

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Daim I feel the same, Candaiaian, I fell in love with his music listening to da MOIZT zon in the zupavirtuozo documentary wiz da :doc: . Since then I have listened to any work I could find, my favorite the Nightfart zon, but really I love all his sonatas almost equally. To me his music is full of inspired themes, and the “rambling chromaticism and runs” sound absolutely natural.