Optimal Warmup Ztrategy fo da 88

Tru u can juz do random improv, u can go ztraight into piecez cold unleazh ztylee

But if da goal iz get from A - totally cold , to B - warmed up to peak tech

Wut iz da bezt way to get from A to B in zhortezt tym? Letz zay juz 10 minz az an example.

Diz iz important becuz I haf developed tendinitiz n otha izzuez due to trying to go all-out in too zhort a zpace ov tym n not lettin da blood flow to da tendonz n zheeyatz firzt :dong:

Firztly a zimple zheeyat - puttin yo handz in or unda warm water and gettin zum bazic blood blow.

I haf noted dat moderate tempo 6thz are very uzeful fo warmin up becuz dey include a ztretch and warm up both da 1-2 fingaz and da 4-5 at da zame tym.

Wut do u mofoz uze if u want to be efficient and warm up quickly az pozz?

hahaha zlight derail from tha topic but i zumtymz think page 1 of rock 39/1 iz cleanah n eaziah when not warmd up :rocky:
tha ROCK wuz an inzanely talentd penizt, thiz iz tha firzt et, mayb he knew thiz mvt iz tha ultimat warm up -

haffin zaid that tha lh pattrn on page 2 iz uzually zheeyat if not warmd up :sunglasses:

one zheeyat a random teacha once zaid to me wuz to grab tha tip of one of yo fingahz with 1,2 and 3 (2,3 on top, thumb underneath) n puzh down n zlid down to tha knuckl a few tymz to warm it up wit tha friction :dong:


Hahaha I alwayz thought diz work on da othah firzt :rocky: et?

Ahahahah I thought da whole idea of a warm up iz dat

u do it wizout touchin da 88 :sunglasses:




ahahaha diz cud be itz own topic

which tech zong randomly zound bettah in a cold unleazh? :sunglasses:


Hahaha I rememba zum penizt did a vid where he warmed up wiz da rocky bee n each perf got progrezzively faztah due to pozz da warm up factah :chopsticks:


hhahhaha da good guy :rocky: n da zcumbag :chop:


Sum random 5-fingah pattahrnz, zcalez (yes, in thirdz and sixthz az well), trillz and a random Czernah or Cramah at half zpeed (ghey!:wim:) uzually do da trick for moi. Refrain from playing very loud or fast untill u r really warmed up. Unlezz da room and 88 feel really cold, about 10 to 15 minutez iz uzually enough to keep going. Have little breakz where u do sum stretching sheeyat. Hope diz helpz…


Ahaha alzo da TE1 firzt arp perfect warm up :whale: :sunglasses:


That performance :yum:

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Ahahahah da zepp haff nevah uzed da BEE to warm up

But i haff occazionally uzed it

To chill down :sunglasses:


I wouldn’t recummend dis, largely because I think I am unusually relaxed at da 88, but for me some opening chords or octaves, followed by arpeggio and scalar passagework, then maybe some double notes.

For fully authendick real life examplez:

Warmed up in 30s, and ready for anything after 2 mins.

Similar principles, but slightly more chilled and a better impro :sunglasses::


Hahaha rezpec :sunglasses:

I iz cunzidahrin learnin diz n uzin az a warmup -

Worked fo da ZIFF zo why not :zif: :underage:


I haven’t warmed up since I was taking lezzonz.
I stretch my fingers at the keyboard and I’m done. I’m zuzprized it works but it do.


Zumwut harzhly ma fingaz are a bit lyk a puzzy

needz zum moizt lubrication befo entry into tru heavy action othawize I get zum vaginal tearing :dong:


Da PIMPING casino dealah ZEPP :zepp:



Ahahaha da cazino workin cuntditionz a bit harzh

da zepp wud rathah be a dealah

fo da VOL n PLAZDICKmofo :sunglasses:

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Ahahah diz juz mean

u dun luv da zong enuff :sunglasses: